Tech21 Evo Band Impact Protection Case for iPhone 6/6s




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- Integrated with FlexShock, a new cutting edge hybrid impact protection material which absorbs, dissipates and repels shock away from your device when dropped.
- Minimalistic, slim fitting impact protective case
- Access to all features, ports and controls

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Screen Size5" to 5.5"
DeviceApple iPhone 6/6s
ColorBlue, Pink, Smokey, Red, Clear
TypeCover Case

Protect your iPhone 6/6S with the Tech21 Evo Band Case. This bumper-style case protects your device's edges and corners with a layer FlexShock lightweight material that absorbs, repels, and disperses energy from bumps and falls.

FlexShock is ultra-thin, super-lightweight and absorbs and repels the energy of impact and disperses any remaining energy away from it so you have an added layer of protection.

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