Tech21 Evo Wallet Black Case for HTC one M9




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- Scientifically proven impact material which absorbs and dissipates impact
- An advanced TPU formula renowned for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance
- A slim-fitting design with access to all functions of the device

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Screen Size5" to 5.5"
DeviceHTC One M9

Evo Wallet is the next stage in the evolution of Impactology™ and intelligent impact protection. Using scientifically proven, hybrid impact protection material, FlexShock™, impact force is absorbed, dissipated and repelled away from your device. Evo Wallet is Ultra-Thin, Super-Lightweight and offers ultimate impact protection, encasing the corners and back of your device to provide a secure fit and feel. The Evo Wallet case for HTC One M9 features a flip-over screen cover created from a PU material with a credit card slot and a soft microfiber lining.

It’s integrated with FlexShock™, a unique hybrid material that absorbs, dissipates and repels impact force away from your device, with full access to all ports and function buttons. This user-friendly HTC One M9 case is easy to apply with a quick “snap-on” application.

Available in a range of colours to choose from, Evo Wallet offers premium impact protection for the device you love in a minimalistic, stylish design.


- 1 x Tech21 Case Cover
- Original Box

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