Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Anti Glare



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- Advanced Impact Protection with BulletShield™ - as used in bullet proof glass
- Perfect clarity, even in direct sunlight
- Curved fit
- Simple application
- Lifetime warranty

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Screen Size5" to 5.5"
DeviceSamsung Galaxy S6
TypeScreen Protector

Advanced impact screen protection.

With larger screens offering beautiful curves, vibrant colours and sensitive touchscreen interaction, we challenged ourselves to not only create an ultra thin screen protector that offers advanced impact protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7, but one that’s perfectly clear and works beautifully with the subtle curves of your screen. Add to this an anti-glare surface layer enabling full view in direct sunlight and a simple bubble free application; the result is Impact Shield Anti-Glare.

Layered protection with BulletShield™.

To create an ultra-thin solution that offers advanced impact protection and perfect optical clarity, we turned to science, developing a unique, multi-layer structure. A hard top layer spreads the force of impact over a wider area. The second layer, BulletShield™, is also used in bullet proof glass and absorbs and dissipates the force. The third layer slows down and further absorbs any remaining impact force resulting in the most protective screen shield we've ever made.

Perfect clarity in direct sunlight.

Sunlight can quickly hinder your view. We designed our Impact Shield Anti-Glare with a surface layer which diffuses and scatters light giving you perfect optical clarity even in direct sunlight.

Unhindered user experience.

Impact Shield is ultra-thin, feels smooth to touch, and offers crystal clear optical clarity.


Easy application.

Until now, applying a screen protector was a daunting task. Impact Shield has a semi-liquid polymer base layer that self-adheres to your screen without using common adhesives. This delivers a smooth one-touch, bubble free application. A unique, easy to use applicator is also included, ensuring perfect alignment first time.


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