SEO promotion

About project

  • Web content: cosmetic products
  • Budget: 900$
  • Location: US
  • Website type: online store
  • Term of promotion: 5 months

Short about client

The online store owner who sells popular cosmetic products in the US. Among the online store, he owns a network of 20 offline stores across the United States.

About task

The client wanted to promote his network of stores on the Internet. In addition to marketing services, he ordered SEO website promotion.

Our solutions

First of all, we developed offline and online marketing strategies for the brand’s promotion. We achieved the result after the following actions:

  • postcards;
  • crowd-marketing;
  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook and Instagram ads;
  • banner ads;
  • guest posting.

At the same time, our SEO-experts developed strategies for organic search engine promotion. The first steps were:

  1. semantic core generation and clustering;
  2. competitor analysis and building a list of possible fixes to increase the website's conversion;
  3. writing technical tasks and fixing internal technical errors;
  4. internal SEO website optimization analysis;
  5. fixing all previously mentioned problems;
  6. competitor content analysis and building technical tasks for copywriters;
  7. anchor list creation and linkbuilding.

The results and dynamics of site traffic growth after the first 5 months of promotion and marketing campaign are demonstrated below:

The dynamics of quarterly growth is demonstrated here.

Here you can see a percentage increase in traffic over 5 months. The traffic growth is 611%:

The fourth diagram demonstrates the increase of clicks and search snippets rates:

The click-through rate of search snippets was increased after such actions:

  • microdata implementation for products which had high rating in search snippets;
  • products meta titles rewriting;
  • writing quality and appealing product meta descriptions;
  • increasing positions of relevant key queries.

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