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Alex flooring inc.

I’m a bit old fashioned and was doubtful about taking my business online. However, I’m glad I did. Do you know that feeling when you stopped the rapid growth, each month is almost the same as the last one, and your business needs a boost? Digitalizing my business did just that for me. Not only did it bring me many new clients and increased my turnover and income but also gave my business the boost I needed. My website speaks for my business, it displays my works and provides all the necessary information my clients and partners require. I can see when meeting them that they are well informed about my works and take me more seriously. I’m very grateful to the Intelteck team. They took my business and gave it a new and modern life. Starting from the company name, logo, and business card and finishing with my perfectly optimized website. Their team cares about You and your business.

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