Offline marketing

Offline marketing is a number of strategies and approaches that don’t require the Internet and all promo-campaigns are made via offline channels like cold calls, flyers, television, newspapers, etc.


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online


the service aim to increase website attendance via Google search engine by targeted queries

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is a process of managing business data in order to determine the effectiveness of…


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks

Free business analysis before offline marketing strategies implementation

Today, the importance of Internet resources is a proven fact. We use the Internet to communicate, to study, to entertain, and to work. We spend almost half our lives on the Internet, that’s why online marketing is a very important source of getting new clients. We can see advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Google. All these methods are effective and encourage people to buy products or order services. But what about old good offline strategies? Although more and more business owners prefer online promotion, other companies still use offline channels for their marketing campaigns. No, these companies are not outdated and, of course, their owners move with the times. They use offline marketing strategies because such approaches better fit their businesses. And that’s all.

What about you? What business do you have? Have you considered any possible ways of marketing your website offline? Contact us and we will find the most optimal solution for the business promotion. Our experts can consult you about all possible risks and advantages, generate the list of suggestions and recommendations and calculate the price of our services. Don’t hesitate - these services are free of charge.

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Services we offer

from $1000
  • Company’s logo design;
  • Design of banners, posters, flyers, business cards, etc;
  • Catchy and motivational slogans;
  • Polls;
  • Regular reports and effectiveness statistics;
  • Implementation of specific offline marketing tracking methods;
  • CRM integration;
  • Cold calling;
  • Video for television advertising.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing is a part of classic marketing that appeared many years ago. Yes? No, that’s the most popular misconception. Today we’re going to break it down.

When we ask people to define offline marketing, most of them tell us about outdated methods of promotion like postcards, flyers, etc. And they are very surprised to hear that offline content marketing is a new concept and there are methods that really work. The notion was introduced by Internet marketers in order to distinguish the promotion through the Internet and standard but still effective methods like TV-advertising or cold calling. As a rule, offline promotion is more expensive than online advertising and require time and more thorough preparation.

Offline advertising is classified according to the media where it is located: newspapers, radio, television, billboards, etc. There exist such types of offline marketing:

First of all, before launching any marketing strategy, it is necessary to determine your target audience. After that, you should focus on the most effective media channels for business promotion, write promo-texts, create a design, and calculate the budget you’re ready to spend on it. You can do it by yourself or hire professionals and delegate the process of business promotion to the marketing agency.

Offline Content Marketing Strategy from Intelteck

Intelteck is a digital marketing company that makes quality online and offline business promotions for large and small businesses. Our considerable experience helps us to determine the most appropriate way of promotion depending on your business specificity. It’s a complicated task to predict the effectiveness of such marketing campaigns, that’s why it requires more time for preparations. You have to know about the responsibility of offline marketing because it’s impossible to turn it off like FB or Google ads, for example. You spend and waste money if it is not effective.

What does Intelteck do for its clients?

First of all, we analyze your business, compare your achievements with the competitor’s goals, select the most appropriate ways of advertising, create a list of propositions and recommendations, discuss the whole process with you, and then, start implementing marketing solutions. At the first stage of business analysis we use such indicators:

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