the service aim to increase website attendance via Google search engine by targeted queries


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks

Free assessment of optimization website in Canada

Want to have core positions in Google Search? Right choice. If you’re ready for productive and long-term cooperation with our company, then we will bring the top Google positions for your website. We have highly-skilled professionals who are ready to provide effective promotion and seo optimization website in Toronto and whole Canada.

If you expect fast results, we don’t recommend contacting us, because the first results will be observed no earlier than in 3-4 months after the optimization website. Obviously, now you’re thinking: "Will the website’s income reimburse the costs spent on its promotion? " We can assure you that you will not only get back the funds you’ve spent on seo optimization for website. You will get much more revenue!

Evaluate my website for free
  • Competitors and location these are basic criteria for calculating the amount of work and time for the website promotion, because the number of competitors in your business niche may vary from a few to tens of hundreds websites
  • The number of queries for promotion the more competitive searches are being promoted, the more expensive it will be, and the more time it will take to promote the website
  • The current status of the website before launching the promotion process, we perform a free seo-audit of the site in order to evaluate and calculate how long it will take to implement the changes
  • Current positions the more requests are close to the first pages of Google Search, the cheaper and faster the website promotion will be
  • Internal optimization this is another important factor, because we have to spent some time to create unique content, meta tags, hyperlinking, microdata, etc
  • Search algorithms updates search engine complicates its algorithms from year to year; it often requires internal and external upgrades of seo optimization for website

Price seo optimization depends on

Due to these points, there is no constant price for SEO services. That is why we offer individual pricing plan for each our client. To check the information on what is included in these pricing plans, please, scroll down. To find out about price seo optimization in Toronto, we recommend sending in an application on our website or contact us: (800) 966-4164

Packages of services we offer:

from $400
  • Competitors analysis;
  • SEO audit of the website;
  • Analytics and Search Console configuration;
  • Robot.txt generation;
  • SiteMap.xml generation;
  • Website structure analysis and recommendations;
  • Internal linkbuilding;
  • Writing meta-tags (< 20 pages);
  • Search of possible ways of website improving and technical tasks generation for your developer or our development department;
from $900
Base package +
  • Website usability audit;
  • Website technical errors checking;
  • Semantic core structuring;
  • SSL certificate installation and customization;
  • Available content analysis and customization;
  • Writing meta-tags (
  • Writing technical tasks for micro data;
  • Anchor list generation;
  • Google Search Console monitoring and errors correction;
  • Search of appropriate platforms for linkbuilding campaigns (max. 5 per month);
  • Blogging (max. 3 articles)
  • Copywriting (max. 5 SEO-texts)
from $1500
Optimal package +
  • Monthly detailed report of key positions, competitor analysis with the dynamics of SEO positions;
  • Fixing all technical / seo bugs by our developers;
  • Blogging (max. 8 articles);
  • Planning the linking profile construction according to the budget;
  • SEO adaptation to voice assistant requests;
  • SEO adaptation of social media accounts and YouTube channel;
  • Open Graph customization;
  • Copywriting (max. 15 SEO-texts);
  • Increasing CTR of search snippets;
  • Marketing analysis and technical tasks generation to increase conversion rates;
  • Goals setting and analytics conversions tracking;
  • Improvement of behavioral factors;

SEO investment is a guarantee of getting new clients on a regular basis with minimal customer acquisition cost.

Why cooperation with us is so advantageous

  • We apply only “white” methods of promotion.
  • We output competitive search queries to tops of Google.
  • We know what is necessary for better usability (working with UI and UX is a smooth sailing for us).
  • We provide clear and detailed monthly reports concerning the work we’ve done.
  • We display where, how many and what links we buy for your site.
  • If needed, we can change the keywords for searches throughout our collaboration.
  • We increase the effectiveness of the site in consequence of its technical and functional upgrades.
  • We help to save, because 95% of the purchases are endless.
  • We provide dedicated support, the manager of your project always is in touch.
Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch


analysуs search algorithms, improves the ranking of the site


improves the quality and increase the linking profile of the website


writes SEO texts for a website according to Technical Tasks


configures and launches contextual advertising of your site

Marketing manager

a specialist whose work is attracting new and keeping engaged old customers for your business

Usability specialist

analyzes the behavior of target audience on the website in order to increase conversion rates


controls the input data configuration and formation, generates reports


redesigns the website


implements technical tasks

SEO optimization and website promotion may be compared with sport: if you stop promoting the website, you are immediately overtaken by the competitors. If you do not want this to happen, then you need constantly to work with the website. Our specialists say that the main task of SEO is to keep the site in the TOP-10, and this is the situation when a rule “do and forget about it” doesn’t work.
The cost of SEO depends on many factors, here are some of them: the current position of the site, the quality of its optimization, the level of competitiveness, etc
It’s difficult to answer, because it depends on many factors. First of all, we need to analyze the site, the level of its optimization and who are your competitors. If the website is new, then the approximate deadline for bringing several target requests to the top will be 5-6 months.
Checking the website, texts is what search engines “crawl” at first. Judging from texts the system understands what this page is, whether it is interesting to users and whether it is unique. Unique texts are an important criterion for search queries, so our experts recommend paying a lot of attention to the content you publish on the website.
During the first month of work, a lot of internal and external work is done on the site. After that, you need to "earn" the trust of search engines so they quickly "rate" and index the site. This process can take 3-5 months, but this term needs to be overcome only by new sites. In the future, after full site indexing, the results will be observed every month.

Still have questions concerning SEO optimization for website?

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Why SEO optimization is so important?

Many business owners are convinced that SEO optimization is a waste of money and time. They think that most customers buy offline, and there no need to engage online audience. Well, this is a huge mistake. Digital websites promotion constantly changes its methods and extremely progress. For its clients Intelteck not only improve a website, we also promote the whole business in all possible ways. Our prime aim is not to simply get maximum positions in Google Top -10. The main goal for us is reaching high conversion rates for your business. Many people think that a good modern website’s design is all they need to attract clients. Again, this is a mistake. No matter how sophisticated and user-friendly your website is. Without SEO, it is nothing. Websites SEO promotion will exist and progress as long as people conduct their business in the Internet. This fact indicates that SEO promotion will never lose its relevance. So, why to delay? Maybe now is the best time to do SEO optimization and bring your business a new level? Is the answer "yes"? Excellent! We are ready to help right now. Call us immediately, because while you hesitate, competitors are promoting their TOP Google websites.

The price of SEO optimization in Toronto and Canada

As it was mentioned above, the cost of website promotion in Toronto and Canada is calculated individually for each client. The total price of seo-optimization and website promotion will be announced only after deep website’s analysis. Contact us to get a free analysis of the website right now. Our experts will answer all the questions and make the best price and time offer for SEO promotion in Toronto and Canada.

Effectiveness of website SEO-optimization

What does SEO mean? This is a process of website optimization for search engines. As a result - reaching key positions for the certain search queries from the Google Top 10. High positions bring a lot of profitable traffic, that exceeds costs spent on SEO and significantly increases the company's revenue

Let’s assume that your and your competitor’s company are located at the same address. Is there a chance to get more customers, than a competitor? Yes, there is a big chance. Many people use Internet to look for products / services, and if your site is above the competitor's website, in 80% of cases the potential customer goes to you.

The next thing you can do is merely encourage the client to buy from the company. Imagine that you have hired a promoter who distributes 1,000 business cards / flyers on the street, some of them will immediately go to the nearest rubbish bin. The other group of people who will simply not be interested in your business and put the card into a wallet. Maximum that you can get from this campaign is 5% of people who will probably make a call to your company or come to you for a consultation. Now stop and think: "Is it worth paying for the design of a business card / flyer, for printing, and for delivery in case that the percentage of conversions is rather negligible and most likely will not justify the expected result?

Our company provides only high-quality search engine optimization services. We have successfully proven our reputation in SEO-optimization for new Internet resources as well as for websites which have already been promoted.

First of all, SEO promotion involves two main activities: internal and external website optimization. Let's briefly speak about it:

Internal website optimization.

Internal SEO-optimization is the foundation of website promotion. It involves a process that is directly related to changing the content and structure of the website. This stage includes collecting and compiling the semantic core, searching and analyzing relevant key queries, and writing unique texts according to the Technical Task. After that, we optimize the code according to the requirements of the search engines. At this stage, we also create redirects for the website, add meta tags, titles and descriptions. It is extremely important to make a website which is correctly displayed on any device. That’s why, it should be adaptive (correctly displayed on PCs, as well as on tablets and smartphones). If the site is not adaptive enough, you need to do it without fails. Once the internal website optimization is completed, our specialists start the process of external optimization of the website.

External website optimization

External SEO optimization site means a work with search engines and thematic sites. The main goal of external optimization is website promotion for specific queries and increase its ranking. At this stage, we work with external links that help to promote the site in Toronto and Canada. Search engines work as programs that identify how many qualitative websites link to your site. The more links you have, the higher your position is. You might think that it’s more convenient is to buy several thousand references on specialized services. Well, it will cause only negative effect and you risk to get the website exclusion of the search index. As a result, you spend a lot of time and receive a banned website. That’s why in order to avoid such situations, let only experienced people to perform your website promotion.

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