SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online


the service aim to increase website attendance via Google search engine by targeted queries

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is a process of managing business data in order to determine the effectiveness of…

Free website evaluation before launching Social Media Marketing campaigns

Want to make money hand over glove but don’t know how to encourage clients? Why not grab them from social media? Intelteck is a digital marketing company providing quality services for website promotion. Delegate social media marketing to us and reap substantial profit in the shortest terms.

Our team consists of highly-skilled and professional employees who know how to boost your business in all possible ways. Ready? Let’s go! We can check your website for free and report what we can do to promote the business on SM as well as to calculate the approximate price.

Evaluate my website for free
  • Overall marketing scheme. We evaluate your business and develop a marketing strategy individually for every client.
  • Already available (not) available pages in SM. There’s a huge difference between promoting already existed SM accounts with available audiences and creating business accounts from the ground up.
  • Type of business. Any kind of product or service may be promoted on Social Media. You just have to find the right approach.
  • The budget you can invest in SMM. Like any other marketing campaign, SM-promotion requires financial investments. As a rule, it works like “the more you spend, the more you earn”. However, there are exceptions and you have to be extremely careful before paying.
  • Type and number of SM accounts. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? What do you prefer? Or maybe all of them? Depending on what you choose we generate individual marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Cost depends on

According to these items, the cost of SMM services we offer is calculated individually for each client. In order to check what is included in our packages of services, please, scroll down. If you want to know the exact price of SMM optimization for your business, please, leave an application or contact us: (800) 966-4164.

Packages of services we offer:

from $200
  • SM Platforms: Facebook, Instagram
  • Page Creation
  • Analytics
  • Content Calendar
  • Posts: 1 per week
  • Original SM-account design
from $350
  • SM Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Page Creation
  • Analytics
  • Content Calendar
  • Posts: 3 per week (for each platform)
  • Original SM-account design + Custom Cover photos
  • Group Creation
  • Integration with Marketing strategy
  • Targeting Advertising  for post or account promotion
from $600
  • SM Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and others
  • Page Creation
  • Analytics
  • Content Calendar
  • Posts: 5 per week (for each platform)
  • Original SM-account design + Custom Cover photos
  • Group Creation
  • Integration with Marketing strategy
  • Targeting Advertising  for post or account promotion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Customer support\online chat-bots
  • Online events, promo-actions, and promo-rounds
  • Tracking brand mentions

SMM is not just a whim of modern companies. It’s not a method of direct sales. SMM is a way to communicate with your client and better understand his needs. SMM is a branding, proof of the company publicity. 21st century: none is interested in empty, faceless companies. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your client!

Why do you need SMM from Intelteck?

  • Our promo-campaigns really work.
  • The results are visible immediately.
  • We feel the heartbeat of SM-trends.
  • The company provides clear and detailed reports of the work we’ve done.
  • Intelteck always demonstrates content-plans for your brand promotion.
  • We’re flexible and include all your wishes into our marketing strategy.
  • Our team knows how to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Original design and custom cover photos.
  • We provide quality customer support. Our dedicated manager knows the answer to your question.


Your page is alive until you promote it. If you stop writing and posting original content you lose current followers and have no chances to get new ones. You can save money and do all these campaigns manually. But be ready to spend all your time doing it. Is it worth it? Or maybe it’s better to do business and delegate SMM to us?
The answer is no. There’s no need to have accounts everywhere because different SM are created for different people. It’s enough to start with one or two profiles.
As we’ve mentioned previously, different kinds of SM fit different business industries. Thus, we say yes, anyway you need Social Media.
If you promote your personal page, probably, you don’t need an SMM tool. You can easily make 1-2 posts and publish them manually. If the SM-account is a business page, you often have to schedule content in advance, check analytics to measure performance and search for possible improvements.
We calculate the price depending on your business needs and goals. Also, our price list includes the methods we implement to achieve these goals and time spent on your advertising campaign.
That’s a simple question. The more quality and interested followers you have, the bigger your business revenue is.
Perhaps, that’s the main reason why people promote their businesses on Facebook, Instagram, etc. They want to make brands more recognizable. After a certain time and marketing actions, your business name will be familiar and well-known.

Still have questions concerning SMM?

Call the number: (800) 966-4164, and we will explain everything in detail

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Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing Services?

Despite the world is plunging into digitalization, the role of social media is still underestimated. Many business owners are convinced that brand promotion on social media is ineffective and doesn’t bring income. If you adhere to this principle, hurry up to change the opinion. Social media marketing is a set of long-term and coherent strategies aimed to draw new and unique visitors to a website. One of the key strategies is SM optimization that can be performed in two ways: by promoting the brand’s name via posts, tweets, statuses or adding special links to content. The presence of the brand in SM allows you to communicate with customers and make them feel they are being heard. Thus, while using SMM you:

Seems very easy at first sight. However, when business owners start launching such campaigns, they understand: that’s very difficult and time-wasting to perform successful SMM-campaigns without professional skills.

Have you ever seen viral advertising with so interesting and catchy content that users repost it by themselves? Creating a successful viral advertisement is hard work requiring a lot of time and professional efforts. However, such advertising brings much more profit than traditional marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing agency: What can we do for your business?

Intelteck is a digital marketing company providing full packages of services including social media marketing in Toronto and whole Canada. Our social media marketing company has own experience and uses knowledge of leading specialists to promote brands on SM. We not only enlarge the number of your subscribers and likes on the page. We bring you potential customers who would be involved in your product. Before making any campaign, social media agency estimates your potential audience and considers all possible approaches on how to increase brand trust. Our professionals deeply analyze your business needs to target the audience and determine its coverage. At this stage, it is very important to gather information about the company necessary for the marketing plan. We can help to define and deliver the message of your business to the customer. 

After figuring out the audience we decide what to choose (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). We develop a general concept, consider ideas for marketing approaches and ways to engage the audience. Then, we develop a content strategy, a set of methods for attracting an audience and promoting your pages or communities. It consists of special marketing actions (creating quality and original content, making promos, and engaging customers to participate in different discussions) and additional promo-campaigns developed  exclusively for you. Intelteck, the social media marketing company, puts the main emphasis on the original content because one way or another, everyone comes to the network just for the content. 

Social media marketing in Canada: How much does it cost?

The cost of SMM promotion includes not only the services of marketing managers but also the cost of advertising in related groups, contextual advertising on social networks, etc. In other words, social media marketing pricing depends on the goals of the advertising campaign. The more you expect, the bigger budget you need. We offer basic SMM services,  included in our packages and additional services at an additional cost. If you want us to calculate the cost of SMM promotion for you, reach us by the number below, and we’ll do it in the shortest terms.

How to order social media marketing for small business?

As it was mentioned previously, you can learn more about our prices for SMM services by contacting us in any way convenient for you. Our dedicated team is always ready to explain and describe all the details of our work. We provide answers to all related questions and advise you on the possible ways of brand promotion on social networks. 

Entrust your business promotion to professionals!

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