Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online


the service aim to increase website attendance via Google search engine by targeted queries

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is a process of managing business data in order to determine the effectiveness of…


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks

Free website evaluation before running FB Ads campaign

Tired of searching for all the possible ways on how to catch profitable clients? Have launched Facebook Advertising but results are poor? Ask Intelteck for help! If you want to sell more, make the brand’s name recognizable, encourage many clients interested in your services, increase the number of subscribers, then you need professional targeted advertising.

Intelteck is a team of professionals capable to launch quality Facebook advertising for small businesses and large companies. Ready for the long-term and productive cooperation? Leave an application on the website and we’ll calculate how much does the targeted advertising campaign would cost for you.

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  • The number of competitors. Big demands create big competitiveness. And the more competitors you have, the more complicated it would be to promote your business.
  • Type of business. If you sell a very special product, the audience is narrow. Thus, the process of targeting will require more efforts.
  • The relevance of ads to the landing page. Business process automation is a complex solution, and our experts can handle this task in different terms. We analyze, select and then apply various techniques for successful promo-campaigns.
  • CTR. With proper planning and targeting, the clickthrough rate can be increased in 10-30%. The highest CTR is for contextual ads.
  • Geo-targeting. The type of displaying online advertising due to the geographical location of the user (country, region, street, etc).
  • The time of advertising. Your advertisements may be displayed at all hours. However, the price will be different.

The price of targeted advertising depends on

According to the above-mentioned items, the price of targeted advertising services may differ depending on business type, or product specification. That is why before announcing the price list of services we deeply analyze our client’s needs and determine what professional actions should be done to achieve all goals. We offer a few packages of services for brand promotion. To check the information on what is included in these pricing plans, please, scroll down. If you want us to calculate the price for you, please, apply to our website or contact us: (800) 966-4164.

Packages of services we offer:

from $300
  • Unique and creative advertisements
  • Unique text of advertisements
  • Building custom audience
  • Monthly report
from $500
  • Unique and creative advertisements (max.3)
  • Unique text of advertisements (max. 3 versions with different calls to action)
  • Building 3 custom audiences with the opportunity to choose the best one + looklike audience
  • Report every 14 days
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement
  • Pixel implementation
  • Management of your spending with a focus on ROI
  • Retargeting
from $900
  • Unique and creative advertisements (max.5)
  • Unique text of advertisements (max. 5  versions with different calls to action)
  • Building many custom audiences with the opportunity to choose the best one + looklike audience
  • Weekly report
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement
  • Pixel implementation
  • Management of your spending with a focus on ROI
  • Retargeting
  • Cross-platform video advertising (news feed and stories)
  • Dynamic product ads

FB/Instagram targeting ads - an extremely effective way of customer engagement. If you know who’s your audience, of course. Rapid business growth? Still wondering how they did it? Low cost-per-lead and excellent opportunities for business expanding. No secret tactics, just professional strategies.

Why cooperation with Intelteck is an ideal solution for you:

  • We analyze and select the most appropriate methods of promotion.
  • The company employs experienced experts in targeted advertising.
  • Intelteck works individually with each client.
  • We have a robust value for money.
  • Our experts constantly analyze the market to keep pace with the times.


It depends on what you choose: Facebook or Instagram. Your ads will be shown in the news feed of people who have searched for such a product or specified this service in the field of his/her interests.
You can delegate it to us or do it by yourself. In the main navigation menu, there are two types of campaigns. If you launch a Network campaign you pay per click. If you launch the Marketplace campaign, you pay for 1000 views or in other words pay per mile. You can also choose a premium pricing plan customized for your type of service/product.
Initially, the system offers you a default cost per click but you can change it. Be careful and don’t overdo it because the higher is a price per click, the bigger is the opportunity to get more views and potential customers.
Retargeting is a marketing approach of advertising aimed at those users who have already viewed the product by visiting the seller’s website. Despite targeting, retargeting is aimed to work with an already “existing” client interested in your brand, product or service.
It doesn’t matter whether you have social accounts or not. We can mold the AD-campaign from the scratch including creating SM accounts.
There are no limits and everything depends on your budget. Before creating the brand’s promotion campaign you should determine the highest price you can pay per click and when it will be reached you can stop advertising. The goal will be achieved!
There are different situations and clients may come in one week or in one months. However, the effect of Targeted advertisement is always very strong.
Advertising is aimed to cause a long-lasting perspective. It means you get a reliable audience of regular customers. Whether these customers continue buying from you depends on the effectiveness of the brand’s promotion and the quality of your product or service. Your revenue may decrease but only a little bit.

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How can targeted Facebook advertising help your business?

Targeted advertising is based on the client’s data in their SM-profiles. To cover the needed audience interested in your services or product, you should carefully analyze this information. And if you’re not a Facebook AD specialist, you’d better request assistance from a Facebook advertising agency.

The whole process seems quite simple, still, that’s a misconception. While registering the account in SM, people often demonstrate a lot of information about themselves: age, location, job, family members, pets, friends, hobbies and interests, trips, travel tours, etc. If the target audience is chosen correctly, only potentially interested users will see the offer. You can combine the concrete criteria of selection and get the needed group of people: single women living in Toronto, office managers from a certain company, teachers who like swimming and many more. Additionally, you can demonstrate  advertisements to already existed clients by taking the list of them from CRM, uploading it to the social network, and the advertising system will show your ads only for them. With such approaches business owners:

Facebook advertising agency: the list of services we offer

Okay, let’s assume you’re buying Facebook advertising management services. What are you paying for?

Targeted advertising, like many other types of online advertising, require specific marketing skills. Intelteck is a team of professionals who know how to correctly dispose of the funds for an advertising campaign. First of all, we analyze your business specificity: what you sell, what audience buys from you, etc. Then, our specialists analyze the market, your competitors, discuss and develop the marketing strategy and plan the appropriate ways of the campaign implementation. The next stage is designing the advertisement banners and writing texts. As a rule, we create several versions of ads because we don’t know which one the customer would like the most. If you approve these patterns, the next stage is running an advertising campaign.

The specialist chooses the ways on how to match the data about the client or description of the product with the information available on social networks. This phase takes a little time because we monitor statistics, optimize our work, and make changes if necessary. Our professionals set the optimal daily budget according to your wishes and coordinate the whole AD-campaign. We sent you regular reports with detailed information about all recent changes and improvements. To attract as many customers as possible we make several tests and choose the most successful AD-pattern. When all goals are reached we consult you about the following actions concerning your brand’s promotion.

Targeted ads are paid per click or per thousand views depending on the type of the business and method of promotion.

In the outcome, the business will grow. Facebook and Instagram user groups allow to segment users according to a large number of criteria - age, gender, location, and interests causing the following effect:

How much do Facebook advertising services cost?

The targeted advertising campaign cost depends on different criteria such as the number of social media accounts, clicks, competitors, etc. If you want to get a free consultation concerning your business promotion, please, contact our support manager.

Why should you choose Intelteck?

Intelteck is an advanced digital marketing company providing high-quality Instagram and Facebook ad management services. We know how to:

The company adheres to certain rules and guarantees:

How to order Intelteck Facebook Advertising Services?

As was mentioned previously, you can check prices for targeted advertising services by contacting our support team. We can estimate the cost of work needed for your brand promotion, consult you about all possible ways and terms of Instagram or FB advertising, etc. Entrust your business promotion to Intelteck!

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