Web portal

web portal allows business owners to demonstrate full information about the product or service. The personalized information such as employee training, safety manuals or customer profiles is constantly accessible and enhances the collaboration of employees and clients.


the service aim to increase website attendance via Google search engine by targeted queries

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries

Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is a process of managing business data in order to determine the effectiveness of…


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks

Free evaluation of business before creating a Web portal

Different kinds of businesses require different ways of presentation. The website is your company’s face on the Internet and online customers see your business only through the lens of a website. Why do you may ever need a web portal?

Web portal is a platform with many useful resources, attractive design, and convenient navigation. Such features as information search, news, library, articles, photo and video galleries can significantly boost your revenue. People appreciate the multifunctionality of such services. You can create chats, polls, organize and schedule dating, display comments, product ratings and reviews.

Intelteck employs professional experts keen to develop sophisticated websites with responsive designs and rich functionality.

If you want a brand-new professional website from Intelteck, please, contact us and our experts will determine your business needs and calculate the cost of website development for free.

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Services we offer

from $2000
  • competitors analysis;
  • unique and custom-made design;
  • adaptive layout;
  • products sorting;
  • online-chat;
  • cross-platform software and cross-browser testing;
  • fast webpage loading customization;
  • products rating;
  • personal user account;
  • online-chat, discount campaigns, marketing boosters;
  • payment system;
  • CRM integration;
  • quick guide and training on how to use a website;

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Still have questions concerning web portal development?

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Building a web portal. Why Do You Need it?

How do ordinary users search for information on the Internet? They read news on one website, chat and communicate with others on another service, etc. Do you know that all needed info may be found on a single web service? Yes, web portals are special platforms where all the necessary information and all useful services are in one place.

Web portal is a website with convenient and user-friendly navigation, thus you can quickly find the needed section. The main distinctive feature here is the ability to have all in one place.

There are several types of web portals:

Vertical web portals are subdivided into:

The main advantages of Web-portals

Building a portal is a complicated process requiring a rational approach and intensive work. It’s not just a simple website, but a complex system aimed to gather people with similar interests.

A professionally developed website helps business owners to communicate with clients and better understand their needs and preferences. Interactive web resources give you more opportunities for professional and business growth than simple corporate websites.

Besides default settings, our developers offer functionality expansions to supply your customers with more information and abilities. We design various information sections. Your customers can find content for entertainment, studying, etc. All in one resource. Web portal is a huge platform where you can implement marketing strategies like advertising campaigns to promote your business or make money on advertising other companies. Among other advantages of web portals there are:

Web portal development process

It’s not a simple task to create a web portal. It includes the complex cooperation of a client and our team. We provide the personal team of developers for each client and perform a deep analysis of your business before creating a web portal. The whole work of the Intelteck company is divided into several stages:

Looking for professional development? Delegate it to Intelteck! Creating a web portal is an easy task for our team.

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