Onsite Support required?

Full coverage of the Costa Brava region

Our experienced IT technician can perform builds, installs, upgrades, and restores of Windows PC's. On-site support is normally required for devices that have no remote accessibility, but my drop off option can be cheaper

Drop Off/ Pick Up Service

You can drop off and then pick up Devices

In some cases such as operating system installation, it can be more cost-effective to drop off your device and pick up when the device is ready. Installations can be long processes; this way you pay a lesser amount.

Telephone Support

Call me to see if I can fix the issue on the phone

Telephone support may be able to resolve your issue if you are familiar with the operating system and software applications.

Remote Access Support

Remote access and control with TeamViewer software allowing repairs and reconfiguration

Using state-of-the-art secure software we can attach to your system and repair without attending your location. This is cheaper than onsite support and is just as effective.

A wide range of services are provided that cater for most situations

Below are just some of our service offerings

Microsoft Certified Engineer

Security Certified to Industry Standards